Our Dream…

We dream of a Children’s Ministry that is:

  1. Able to equip parents to partner with the church in shepherding their children.
    • We see the significance of the parents’ role in edifying the next generation especially in this postmodern world.
    • We recognize God’s plan to engage His people in discipling their own chirldren and the church’s responsibility is to equip them with the knowledge and skills to continue the legacy of faith (Deut. 6:5-8; Psa.78:5-7; Eph. 4:11-12).
    • By working together, we hope to inspire parents and help them reconcile back to their children (Mal. 4:6).
    • By bringing them to the knowledge of Christ, we dream of a church comprising of God’s people who are not only reaching out to others, but also determine to lead their own children to God, being the spiritual examples at home.
  2. Not only educate children the word of God in a creative and fun way, but also focuses on the truth foundations according to their ages and spiritual levels.
    • We see the importance of sowing seeds of the gospel into children’s hearts and helping them to be grounded in solid biblical doctrines (Prov. 22:6; Matt. 19:14)
    • We recognize how important it is to engage children in learning God’s Word through their ways, not our ways.
    • We see the cruciality of having a clear vision-driven curriculum and mission-oriented activities in edifying and helping the children grow into spiritual maturity.
  3. Mission-driven and Discipleship-oriented.
    • We believe the Children’s Ministry, being part of the body of Christ, should pursue the same direction with the church as a whole in shepherding the young generation to become little preachers of the gospel, ambassadors, witnesses, and finally little disciples of Christ.
    • Like Timothy, the young generation is precious to church. They are not supposed to be isolated in the children’s ministry, but to be integrated into the congregation as ONE body of Christ, grounded in sound doctrine, and be the examples of other believers (1Tim. 4:12).
    • We see the necessity in training children to serve and love God and the importance of having the life-changing experience in serving God.

    We strongly believe that children today are the leaders tomorrow and Children’s Ministry plays a significant role in contributing to the future leadership of the church.