Gospel ProjectWelcome to our Gospel Project!

You’re welcome to bring your child to the Gospel Project we prepare for our early elementary kids (1st-3rd graders) in their worship session on every Sunday from 9:15am-10:30am. Kids will go through a 3-year chronological study of Bible to discover God’s big story of redemption from Genesis to Revelation!
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AWANA Program for Friday and Saturday

We now have AWANA on both Friday and Saturday.  Sign up your child today to join us in this fun + faith program. We’re looking forward to spending exciting Fridays and Saturdays with your kid(s), and getting to meet you as well.  Tell me more about AWANA!

Faith-based Books for Children and Parents

In order to promote independent learning and to help your kids search for the truth themselves, we encourage them to borrow books from our Children’s Library. We also have biblical parenting books for parents since parents have the greatest influence upon the spiritual development of their children. Check it out!



We can’t fulfill God’s heart for children without you!

Join us to serve these kids for God’s kingdom belongs to them. Partner with us (if you are a parent) to shepherd your own child(ren) and to be the primary spiritual influencer in your child’s life.