Saturday AWANA Council 5/13

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Sparks: Saul Meets Jesus

This week, children are going to learn about how Saul became Paul after he met with Jesus.

Saul was a Jews, born in Tarsus, who believed that he could be good enough before God by following all the laws received from Moses and taught by Jews. He hated Jesus’ followers who claimed Jesus was the Son of God who was sent by God to save people from their sins. Saul didn’t think that he needed Jesus. He thought that those people who claimed Jesus as God were crazy and deserved to be put to death or into the prison since no man could claim to be God.

He went from house to house to destroy the church. He dragged men and women away and put them into the prison. He even asked a letter from the high priest so that he could go up to Damascus and brought Jesus’ followers into Jerusalem’s prisons. Even though he hated Jesus so much, Jesus showed mercy on him. Jesus appeared to him in a bright light when he was on his way to Damascus. Jesus said,

“Saul! Saul! Why are you persecuting me?” (Acts 9:4)

Saul became blind and couldn’t see things for 3 days. Jesus told him to go into the city of Damascus to know what to do next. Jesus sent Ananias to Saul so that he could regain his sight and be filled with the Holy Spirit and do what Jesus wanted him to do. Saul believed that Jesus was the Son of God when he regained his sight. He later changed his name to Paul. This time, he went to preach the good news of Jesus from house to house, proclaiming Jesus was the Son of God and leading many to Christ.

T&T: Grace To Forgive

God forgives all our sins (past, present, and future) when we trust that Jesus Christ died for us on the cross and rose again. Remembering how we were forgiven can help us to forgive others. Use the following questions below to continue the conversation with your child.
1. Which of our sins are forgiven when we accept Christ as our
2. Tell a Story: Describe a time in your life when you forgave
someone or someone forgave you in a significant way. What
did you learn from that encounter with forgiveness?
3. Knowing how much you have been forgiven by God when you
accepted Jesus as your Savior, how will this affect the way you
respond to others who need forgiveness? How should our
family forgive each other?

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