Instead of offering VBS, we’re going to partner with Bricks4Kidz’s Team to offer our kids a fantastic

motorized LEGO summer camp this year! Kids are going to have so much fun learning about Bible stories and building their favorite Bible characters with customized LEGO blocks and lessons! They’re going to build the Garden of Eden, Noah’s Ark and animals, Baby Moses, Moses Parted the Red Sea, The Story of Christmas, and so much more with LEGO blocks! The fun part is they are going to build somethings that can MOVE with LEGO programming.

In the afternoon sessions, the younger children will have more fun building and playing with their creative models through various LEGO fun themes such as Amusement Park, Brick Fusion (minecrafts + popular figures like batman, angry bird etc.), Wheels In Motion, and the elder children will do more challenging robotics, and movie making courses.

Tell & Show Day

We’re going to have a BIG DISPLAY from 3:00pm-4:00pm on all three Fridays for parents and friends to come and see what have kids done in the program. This is a TELL & SHOW time for kids to show their parents and friends all the models, machines, or robots they created in the program. ! The 3rd week 3rd-5th grade students will even make a Bible story MOVIE clip out of Bible characters at the end of the week.

The program will be offered for 3 weeks right after the school’s holiday. Since his is an outreach program and spots are very limited, priorities will be given to non-believers, next CCIC’s AWANA co-workers’ children, and then CCIC’s other children. In order to encourage parents to reach out to others, chances to get into the program will be higher for those who recommend non-believing friends to the program. Children can sign up for all 3 weeks as the programs will be different every week. However, we’ll give chances to those kids who can’t manage to get any spots if the response is too overwhelming, and our decisions will be final.

Only children who join either 1st & 2nd week Jr. Robotics program can join the 3rd week Adv. Robotics program. The registration is on a first come, first served basis and SPOTS ARE VERY LIMITED! This is a famous program featured on major news channels! If you don’t want your child(ren) to miss the FUN,


Date (Mon-Fri)

Week 1: 6/12-6/16
Week 2: 6/19-6/23
Week 3: 6/26-6/30


9:00am-12:00pm Morning Session
12:00pm-1:00pm Supervised Lunch Session
1:00-4:00pm Afternoon Session
4:00-5:00pm Extended Care

Note: Children bring their own snacks & lunches.


Current K-5th graders (before Fall 2017) – Full-Day
Current Preschoolers 3-4 years old (before Fall 2017) – Half-Day


Note: our prices are very special compared to normal prices. Therefore, grab a spot for your child(ren) when it’s still available!

Half-Day (9:00am-12:00pm)         $135/week/child (3-4 yrs old)
Full-Day (9:00am-4:00pm)            $225/week/child (K-2nd); $250/week/child (3rd-5th)
Extended Care (4:00pm-5:00pm) $50/week/child Additional

Note: Fees for K-2nd is $225/week/child, not $235. We apologize for the mistake printed on our flyers.


Motorized LEGO Camp (K-2nd Grade)

Week 1 Bricks4God Part 1 + Amusement Park
Week 2 Bricks4God Part 2 + Brick Fusion (Minecrafts + popular Figures etc.)
Week 3 Bricks4God Part 3 + Wheels In Motion

Robotic LEGO Camp (3rd-5th Grade)

Week 1 Bricks4God Part 1 + Jr. Robotics 1
Week 2 Bricks4God Part 2 + Jr. Robotics 2
Week 3 Bricks4God Part 3 + Adv. Robotics + LEGO Stop Motion (prerequisite: Jr. Robotics)

Bring Home Bibox Robotic Kit

3-5th graders who attended either 1st or 2nd week Jr. Robotics + 3rd week Adv. Robotics will be given a FREE Bibox Robotic kit!

Preschool DUPLO Camp (3-4 years old)

Week 1 DUPLO Fun 1
Week 2 DUPLO Fun 2
Week 3 DUPLO Fun 3

Registration is now open!

Sign up for Week 1 Bricks4God Summer Camp

Sign up for Week 2 Bricks4God Summer Camp

Sign up for Week 3 Bricks4God Summer Camp