T&Tlogo2008rgbg-2boysTruth & Training (T&T) Club is specially designed for higher elementary kids from 3-5th grade to help them relate their faith to their life.  T&T helps kids to further strengthen their knowledge about God and His Word through the large-group council time and one-on-one handbook time with leaders.  We separate our T&T Club into 2 groups i.e. 3-4th graders and 5th graders.  3-4th graders will go through the T&T Adventure Handbook while 5th graders will go through the T&T Challenge Handbook.


There are two handbooks for 3-4th grades i.e. T&T Adventure 1 &2 and two handbooks for 5th graders i.e. T&T Challenge 1 & 2.  Through T&T, kids learn that salvation in Christ is the ultimate adventure and walking faithfully with Christ is the ultimate challenge!


tt-curriculum-sampleIn T&T Adventure, kids learn that the Bible is true and they can firmly trust what it says. It provides answers about God and the Bible that third- and fourth-graders frequently ask. Each T&T Adventure handbook comes with 4 questions along with related verses to back up these answers. It also provides Bible studies and activities that allow kids to drill deeper into the subject matter.



tt-curriculum-sample-2In T&T Ultimate Challenge, kids learn another 4 questions about God and the Bible that preteens typically ask.  They also learn to memorize verses that back up the answers. Apart from that, they will drill deeper in their Bible studies and handbook activities and have service opportunities to take them further into the subject matter.



will have to complete a short booklet that explains God’s plan of salvation before they can start venture into the T&T handbooks.


Similar to Sparkies, T&T kids get exciting rewards from memorizing Bible verses, completing handbook activities, and fulfilling service achievements.


ttdogT&T Ultimate Adventure
Kids love Streamwood the dog, the most popular T&T character, and display handbook progress and success on the Streamwood Award Bar. Red is for T&T Ultimate Adventure Book One, and blue is for T&T Ultimate Adventure Book Two.

1 Streamwood Award bar
2 Extra Credit pins
3 Book completion pins
4 Special event emblems
5 Passport Collector pins
6 Handbook Review Emblems

T&T Ultimate Challenge
In T&T Ultimate Challenge clubbers personalize their jerseys by choosing an Award Emblem and placing it anywhere in the white areas of the jersey. Clubbers earn an Emblem for each “Challenge” completed.

1 Challenge Award emblems
2 Book completion pins
3 Special event emblems
4 Extra Credit pins
5 Passport Collector pins
6 Handbook Review Emblems

AWANA Shares

store-night3awanasharesKids learn to memorize Bible verses through exciting rewards i.e. the Awana shares which they can use to buy awesome gifts during their Awana’s store night.  They can also earn their Awana bucks when having fun with their friends and leaders in the Game section.  We have three store nights each year for our kids to spend their Awana bucks after a year of hard working learning God’s word.

Parent’s Role

Parents play a significant role in the spiritual development of their children. Tparents-teen&T handbooks provide parent pages to equip parents to reinforce the truths taught in subsequent section.  You can also access to the online tools at T&T Bookwalks that walk you through your child’s handbook.  Parent handbooks which correspond to your child’s handbooks are also available from Awana.  Click here for more biblical parenting resources.