sparks-logo-colorSparks Club is specially designed for early elementary kids from Kindergarten to 2nd grade to help them discover about people and events of the Bible.  Through a 3-year program, kids in Sparks Club will go through the biographies of significant people and important events in the Bible.  They will also learn to memorize Bible verses and complete their handbook activities with the help of their parents.  The small group handbook time helps kids to build closer relationship with their leaders and the Bible council time further strengthens their foundation in God’s word.



There are 3 handbooks for Sparks i.e. HangGlider, WingRunner adn SkyStormer.  sparky2Sparkies will proceed to the next handbook when they finish the activities in their books.  These handbooks provide crafts and activities for kids to discover the biographies of main characters in the Bible with related Bible verses, key doctrines and Bible facts.  Each handbook includes an audio CD with readings of all the Bible biographies, memory verses and character stories featuring Sparky the Firefly and his friends Chloe, Jacob and Joel.MV-FlightEntranceBook_lg




New Comers

All new Sparkies will begin with the entrance booklet i.e. Flight 3:16, which focuses on the gospel message of John 3:16 before they start venturing into the handbooks.

There are fantastic award awaiting for Sparkies to place on their vests when they complete their handbook activities.





1. Sparks Emblem
2. HangGlider Rank Emblem
3. WingRunner Rank Emblem
4. SkyStormer Rank Emblem
5. HangGlider Review Emblem
6. HangGlider Pilot WIngs and Jewels
7. HangGlider Extra Credit Pinsparky-award
8. Church Attendance Emblems



To earn a Sparky Award, a clubber must complete the three Sparks handbooks, which involves memorizing 150 verses. The recipient must have completed second grade.

AWANA Shares

Kids learn to memorize Bible verses through exciting rewards i.e. the Awana shares which they can use to buy awesome gifts during their Awana’s store night.  They can also earn their Awana bucks when having fun with their friends and leaders in the Game sectawanasharesion.  We have three store nights each year for our kids to spend their Awana bucks after a year of hard working learning God’s word.


Happy Family Laughing in Bed

Parent’s Role

Parents are important to their children’s spiritual development.  Therefore, invest in your child’s growing faith by guiding and discussing the Bible lessons and the handbook activities with your child.  Parent Ideas are provided in the handbook to help you teach your child about the biographies and related verses.  In addition, you can access to the online tools at Sparks Bookwalks which walk you through the handbook and equip you in discipling your own child.  You can also purchase the parent handbooks which correspond to your child’s handbooks.  Click to see more biblical parenting resources.