Here are some iPhone & iPad app you could get FREE or with very minimum charge!

This is one of the ways you could spend time with your kids learning God’s word and have fun together.

gospel-app The Gospel Project (for Sunday Worship) – iPhone & iPad
The App comes with lesson-related Bible story videos, key verse songs, digital coloring pages and Bible games (story sequence, build-a-verse, Q&A flashcards, key verse puzzles, Bible maps, concentration matching & Bible verse recording) to help parents to further enhance their kids’ understanding about the lessons.  Each volume costs only $0.99 for iPhone and $2.99 for iPad. Get a FREE try here.  In order not to spoil the surprise and to encourage your kids to come for worship, please ONLY let your kids view those videos or lessons they have learned from Graceland and DO NOT let them view in advanced other lessons, videos, etc.


The Bible App for Kids
This is an awesome website that provides parents and churches excellent resources to help kids fall in love with the Bible! It comes with the app too.




4soil4soils App (for younger kids)
It is an interactive app for Bible story, game, and coloring pages.



beginners-bible-appThe Beginner’s Bible App (for younger kids)
Each story pack has 6 stories and comes with coloring pages, puzzles and a game.
Additional story packs cost $1.99 each.
logo_bibletimeBible Time
An interactive story-telling app for kids, parents, and Sunday School teachers. It allows you to re-create memorable scenes from Jesus’ life on the iPad or iPhone using six different stages with over seventy props and characters!


adventure-bibleThe NIV Adventure Bible App (for elder kids)
The app is FREE in the two lite versions available for Ipad and Iphone.
The lite version is designed for Bible memory; you can do verse scrambles, choosing easy, medium or hard levels.
You can even record your own voice reciting your Bible verse. The full version of the app costs $1.99.

children-bibleChildren’s Bible FREE Apps
It comes with Children’s Bible Games and Activities, Children’s Bible Books and Movies, and Children’s Daily Bible Prayer.
All three available in one download for ipad, iphone and android.


logo_bibleteachesBible Teaches
An awesome app that offers exciting puzzle game for almost everyone. It blends cognitive skills and bible stories into a colorful, exciting puzzle game. It was created by a christian, pediatrician and mom.


david-and-goliath3D animation David & Goliath Bible Story App –  I-Pad
It has “Read to Me” or “Read It Myself” options.
The voices & sounds are fantastic! You can get it at $3.99.



word-searchBible Word search app – for iPhone & iPad – FREE
Based on stories and themes in the Bible.  With four levels of difficulty and 32 puzzles for each level, this word search game is great to challenge through age 7 and entertain through adult.


logo_gospelpuzzles2Gospel Puzzels 123 Preschool game
It teaches kids basics about numbers and counting in a fun way that also brings them the Gospel of Jesus Christ.



logo_gospelpuzzles1Gospel Puzzles ABC Preschool Game
It teaches kids basic education and Biblical truth through fun & exciting games.




logo_natavitystoryThe Nativity Story – Popup Deluxe Edition
An interactive app that tells Bible story of the first Christmas through a fun, interactive and magical approach for children ages 3-8.


logo_jesuslovesmeJesus Loves Me
An app that allows kids to sing, play, watch & learn through the song “Jesus Loves Me”


logo_toddlerToddler Bible – The Carry Along Bible
The Carry Along Bible has been turned into a fun filled App for children ages 0-3. You’ll definitely love this Toddler Bible App which comes with exciting sounds, bright bold artwork and fun animations.