PrintCubbie_and_Friends_ColorCubbies Club is specially designed for preschoolers from 3-4 years old to help them explore about God, His Son, and His Word.  Through the story time, these little kids learn about the greatness of God, His love and His Word.  They also learn about His Son, Jesus Christ, the promised Savior.


There are two handbooks for Cubbies which are written in a fun, storybook style with read-aloud stories and lovable characters that appeal to preschoolers.

The AppleSeed and HoneyComb handbooks consist of basic Scripture memory with parent-child activities to help Cubbies learn simple biblical truths. Every Cubbies handbook contains a helpful review CD to use at home. One handbook is completed in a club year. Each handbook contains 26 Bear Hug sections along with four special-day sections.

appleseedhandbookCubbie HoneyComb Handbook

AppleSeed Handbook Sample

HoneyComb Scope Sequence



Great awards that stick on their vests help Cubbies to stay focused during their lesson.  They love wearing their uniform vests to church every Friday night to meet and have fun learning God’s word with their friends and leaders.

  1. AppleSeed Trail Emblem
  2. Red Apple Achievement Emblem
  3. Green Apple Achievement Emblem


Basic emblems and awards for Cubbies clubbers:

AppleSeed and HoneyComb Trail Emblems

Cubbies receive the AppleSeed Trail emblem for completing the AppleSeed Trail or the HoneyComb Trail emblem for completing the HoneyComb Trail. Trails are at the beginning of each handbook.

Green Apple and Red Apple Achievement Emblems

Reward your Awana Cubbies at key levels of achievement in the Apple Acres entrance booklet and AppleSeed handbook with bright red and green apple emblems. Cubbies earn four green apple emblems and four red apple emblems during the year. Achievement emblems for the AppleSeed handbook complete the letter “A” on the vest and achievement emblems for the HoneyComb handbook complete the letter “C”.

AppleSeed and HoneyComb Book Award Ribbons

Cubbies receive a confetti-filled ribbon to take home once they complete each handbook.

parent_cubbiesParent’s Role

Cubbies handbooks come with parent-child activities for you to further enhance their learning at home.  Parents will have to guide your child through handbook Bear Hugs in order to get them prepared for the next club meeting. Each Bear Hug comes with optional activities i.e. “Under the Apple Tree” to allow parents review Bible verses and lessons learned earlier with their kids.  Leader will review the verse cubbies learned at home when they come to their club.  Click for more biblical parenting resources.