has been running for over 10 years!  Kids enjoy learning God’s word through this wonderful program which includes Bible council time, handbook, and game time.  Throughout the years, hundreds of kids in CCIC San Jose have experienced life-changing results through this program.  Kids are not only grounded in God’s word, they enjoy wonderful fellowship with each other every Friday night through interactive games and other activities.  The small group handbook time helps kids to build closer relationship with their leaders and the Bible council time further strengthens their foundation in God’s word.

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AWANA not only helps us to disciple our kids, but it is also a great way to reach out to the community.  Parents are welcome to invite your friends’ and neighbors’ kids to join us either on Friday (7.30-9.30pm) or Saturday (7.00-9.00pm).  Currently, our AWANA Club on Friday consists of Cubbies (3-5 years old), Sparks (K-2nd grade), and T&T (3rd-5th grade).  On Saturday, we only have Sparks (K-2nd grade) and T&T (3rd-5th grade).  3-4 years old will be taken care under other program which consists of Bible story, craft, game, etc.

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Cubbies Club is specially designed for preschoolers from 3-5 years old to help them explore about God, His Son, and His Word.  Through the story time, these little kids learn about the greatness of God, His love and His Word.  They also learn about Jesus Christ, the Savior God promises to send to the world.
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sparks-logo-colorSparks Club is specially designed for early elementary kids from K-2nd grade to help them discover about people and events of the Bible.  Through a 3-year program, kids in Sparks Club will go through the biographies of significant people and important events in the Bible.  They will also learn to memorize Bible verses and complete their handbook activities with the help of their parents.  Click to learn more about our Sparks Club.




Truth & Training (T&T) Club is specially designed for higher elementary kids from 3-5th grade to help them relate their faith to their life.  T&T helps kids to further strengthen their knowledge about God and His Word through the large-group council time and one-on-one handbook time with leaders.  On Friday, we separate our T&T Club into 2 groups i.e. 3-4th graders and 5th graders.  While on Saturday, we only have one group i.e. 3rd-5th grade.  Click to learn more about our T&T Club.



Friday Awana Schedule

Saturday Awana Schedule


Handbook – classrooms
Game – 1st Floor
Council – Fireside