agape_logo-250agapeAgape was established in 2004 to help kids with special needs to learn God’s word through


and special care from our

Agape’s angels

This ministry has been a blessing to the church and to kids with special needs and their parents since it started in 2004.  Throughout the years, we have seen lives transformed in Room 307 because of the love of God manifested through our Agape’s angels who have been


ministering to these kids and their parents.

In order to help kids with special needs learn better, we use our own tailor-made curriculum to help them learn about God’s word through simple story telling, songs, visual and audio aids, and fun activities.

This customized curriculum allows kids with special needs to learn a complete lesson of the story of salvation through 17 lessons in a year.  In order to get kids engaged in learning, each lesson comes with an activity to allow kids to participate either through flannelgraphs or act out activities.  Stories and activities are repeated to enable kids with special needs to grab the big picture of God’s salvation and be able to memorize the simple Bible verse taught in each lesson.  In order to personalize the lesson and to enhance the relationships between the kids and the angels, each lesson allows kids to have a Personal Play Time with his/her angel at the end of the lesson.  Based on parents’ feedback, our angels will select those activities that meet the unique needs and abilities of each child.  The lessons and songs are also provided to parents to further discuss and enhance the lesson with their kids at home.

These kids need us

to show them the

love of God

and the

gospel of Christ.

If you are a Christian and are interested to serve these kids, sign up to join us.